Since its establishment, SMC has been a leader in pneumatic technology, providing industry with technology and products to support automation based on the guiding principle of “contributing to automation labor savings in industry.”

    Over the past 50+ years, SMC’s products have become established as a recognized international brand through sales, technical, supply and after sale services in world markets. Sales have grown to achieve a 30% global market share.

Suction Cups

Suction Cups are the critical point of contact for pick and place applications for handling corrugated cardboard, metal or glass sheets, food processing and packaging, and even bag opening tasks.  They are designed in a wide range of diameters ranging from 0.8mm to 200mm for tiny objects to heavy-duty applications.  SMC's standard cup shapes include: flat, thin flat, bellows, deep, oval, and oval flat.  Suction cup materials are: Silicone, NBR, urethane, FKM, mark-free, and FDA compliant food grade materials.  Installation options can be specified on either spring loaded buffers or threaded stems.  Special application cups include: integrated with vacuum generator, with check valve, and in porous materials.

Adaptor & Suction Cup-Vertical Entry
The ZPT series suction cups are available in diameters from 2 to 125mm, 6-cup materials, and 4-cup designs (flat, flat with ribs, deep and bellows), to suit multiple applications. Vertical vacuum entry connections can be made via one-touch fittings or threaded connections. Optional buffers can be ordered with up to 50mm stroke.  SMC's ZP2 series…
Adaptor & Cup-Lateral Entry w/One-touch Fitting
The ZP, ZP2 and ZP3 series lateral entry adapters offer a wide variety of cup diameters, materials and designs to suit multiple applications.  The adapters are available with SMC's acclaimed built-in one-touch fittings. Buffer types are available with strokes up to 50mm, depending on the series.  
Adaptor & Cup-Lateral Entry
ZPX, ZPY and ZP2 series vacuum cups are ideal for heavy weight material or objects with a large surface area. The lateral vacuum entry available with or without buffer. The versatile design can be used for a wide number of applications. The variety of cup material and designs give great freedom to the designer when solving application problems. Using…
Suction Cups without Adapter
SMC's series ZP, ZP2 and ZP3 suction cups offer a complete line of cup options to meet all of your handling and transfer needs.  A wide range of sizes, shapes and materials allow design engineers the flexibility to choose the appropriate pad configuration, making the ZP, ZP2, and ZP3 suitable for a variety of routine and unusual…
Non-contact Grippers
Non-contact suction cups (XT661) utilize the Bernoulli principle for picking up parts where direct contact is not feasible.  The design makes it possible for picking up porous, uneven and serrated surfaced objects. XT661's design averts deforming or distorting the shape of fragile and non-rigid workpieces such as: foil, thin sheets, paper, and printed circuit boards. …