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HTM sensors have been designed for and tested by a variety of industries in many demanding applications. The products are backed with a strong warranty, industry approvals, and a long track record of consistent performance.

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Our customer service department is standing by to answer any questions about our products, or to recommend a creative sensor solution to solve tough applications.

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We keep reserve inventory for your critical parts, and we can always recommend popular products, so that you can rely on our inventory being there when you need it.

long-range all metal

Durable triple range, metal face inductive proximity sensors with IO-Link are built for tough applications.

These sensors come standard with IO-Link capabilities for your new machines, and offer a very high quality sensor for a wide range of applications.

  • M8 proximity sensors with a shielded 3 mm range
  • M12 proximity sensors with a shielded 6 mm range
  • M18 proximity sensors with a 12 mm shielded range
  • M30 proximity sensors with a 22 mm shielded range.

proximity sensors

HTM Sensors has the most complete line of Inductive Proximity Sensors in the industry. From true low cost standard proximity sensors, to long range sensors with a stainless steel face, to highly durable sensors made out of 1-piece of titanium with a Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) coating and high temperature electronics, we have a sensor that is perfect for your sensor program.

  • Low-Cost Sensors
  • Extended Range Sensors
  • Long-Range Sensors
  • Automotive General-Purpose Sensors
  • Weld Field Immune (WFI) Sensors
  • Food-Grade Sensors
  • MetalHead All-Metal Sensors
  • Spatterguard Sensors
  • Mini Fixed-Mounte Sensors
  • High-Temp WFI MetalHead Sensors
  • MetalHead Flatpack Sensors
  • High-Temp MetalHead Flatpack Sensors
  • IP69K FG Prox and Cables
  • MetalHead Ceramic Coated Prox
  • Limit Switch Proximity Sensors
  • Mini Inductive Proximity Sensors
  • Inductive Ring Proximity Sensors

Capacitive sensors

HTM Sensors has capacitive sensors for the reliable detection of liquids, plastics, powders and pastes. We have a wide range of Capacitive Sensors, including sensors with metal or plastic housings, pre-wired and quick-connect types, AC and DC models in both shielded (flush-mount) and non-shielded (non-flush mount) configurations. Sizes M8, M12, M18, M30 and M32 are available from stock. New Food Grade Capacitive Sensors with a stainless steel barrel and a PTFE sensing face are ideal for food applications.

  • M8
  • M12
  • M18
  • M30
  • M32
  • 34 mm Smooth Barrel

Photoelectric Sensors

Ultrasonic Sensors

  • Ultrasonic sensors to detect clear or shiny objects, wood, plastics and irregularly shaped targets
  • Models with digital and analog output and models with I/O link
  • Teach in push button or remote input for distance range setting
  • Ideal for packaging and bottling machines and automotive assembly lines
  • Complete protection against electrical damages
  • IP67 Rated

Safety Light Curtains

Quick Connect Sensor Cables

  • Quick-connect sensor cables for sensor connections
  • Available in low-cost PVC, oil-resistant PUR, and spatter resistant TPE
  • Available in yellow, black, grey or custom colors
  • Available in standard 5m length or any custom length
  • Any style available with pre-installed protective silicone jacket

Sensor Connection Distribution Block


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