Since its establishment, SMC has been a leader in pneumatic technology, providing industry with technology and products to support automation based on the guiding principle of “contributing to automation labor savings in industry.”

    Over the past 50+ years, SMC’s products have become established as a recognized international brand through sales, technical, supply and after sale services in world markets. Sales have grown to achieve a 30% global market share.

Vacuum Products

Vacuum Filters
Vacuum Filters protect vacuum generators and other vacuum equipment from contaminants and other small particles to maintain trouble-free pick and place operations.  The filters are light weight and available in compact and inline types with replacement filter elements.
Suction Cups
Suction Cups are the critical point of contact for pick and place applications for handling corrugated cardboard, metal or glass sheets, food processing and packaging, and even bag opening tasks.  They are designed in a wide range of diameters ranging from 0.8mm to 200mm for tiny objects to heavy-duty applications.  SMC's standard cup shapes include:…
Vacuum Sensors
Vacuum Sensors are electrical devices that provide switch output signals for set points to monitor vacuum pressure in machine automation, leak testing equipment, and pick and place applications.  They are also installed in process gas and liquid applications for the semiconductor and food processing industries.  Electronic versions are available with multi-line and multi-color displays ranging…
Vacuum Regulators
Vacuum Regulators control and stabilize the level of vacuum by regulating the flow of atmosphere introduced into its chamber by manually adjusting a diaphragm valve or by electro/pneumatic stepless control via a proportional electric signal.  The E/P units have an integrated monitor and are rated IP65.
Vacuum Generators
Vacuum Generators create industrial vacuum at the application's point of use utilizing the venturi effect and fluid flow from compressed air or gases.  They are compact and light weight units designed for end-of-arm tooling (EOAT) on robotic arms or end effectors generating suction gripping force at the point of use while minimizing inertia.  Vacuum levels…
Other Vacuum Equipment
The special purpose SP Adsorption Plate adsorbs workpieces and holds them in position without leaving wrinkles, air bubbles or marks, making this an ideal addition for production lines thin sheets, glass, substrates, and soft workpieces.  The ZCUK special cylinder bundles suction and lifting forces by integrating a hollow cylinder rod with a suction cup interface…
Vacuum Saving Valve
The vacuum saving valve (ZP2V) is installed between the suction cup and vacuum source and will constrict when it is not holding a workpiece, only allowing suction air to flow through a small fixed orifice, acting as a flow control device.  When the suction cup is holding a part, the valve will expand increasing flow…
Air Conveyor
With no moving parts, air conveyors (ZH-X185, X-226, X-249, X338) will create vacuum to transfer bulk materials like grain or pellets; they can also be used to remove smoke, debris, and fine particles from the work area.  By reversing the air flow, they become air blow off units.
High Vacuum Products
High Vacuum for semiconductor wafer manufacturing requires precision equipment to exhaust air from the process chamber and to supply atmospheric to restore the chanber to atmospheric pressure.  Slit Valves (XGTP) allow access to transfer the wafer into and out of the process chamber. Angle and Inline Valves (XL, XM, XY) are used to exhaust the…
Non-contact Grippers
Non-contact suction cups (XT661) utilize the Bernoulli principle for picking up parts where direct contact is not feasible.  The design makes it possible for picking up porous, uneven and serrated surfaced objects. XT661's design averts deforming or distorting the shape of fragile and non-rigid workpieces such as: foil, thin sheets, paper, and printed circuit boards. …
Collaborative Robot Vacuum Unit
The vacuum unit is a plug and play integration kit that is compatible with several collaborative robots.  The design is compact and lightweight with many cup configurations including 1 cup, 2 cup or 4 cup options.  The cup options include variations of shapes, materials, and sizes.  One of the notable options include the FDA compliant…