STANLEY Assembly Technologies Catalog


Formerly STANLEY Air Tools, STANLEY Assembly Technologies has built a reputation as a leader in delivering high value assembly equipment solutions to customers in multiple industries across the globe.

Located in Cleveland, Ohio, the headquarters of STANLEY Assembly Technologies is proud to say that our precision threaded fastening products are “Assembled in America with Global Components”.

Our Cleveland facility houses all functional business areas, including, but not limited to, operations, purchasing, customer service, engineering, quality, training, product management, marketing and service and support.

Extending global support and coverage, there are training and application centers in our Cleveland, Ohio facility, our STANLEY Engineered Fastening Automotive North American facility in Troy, Michigan as well as our STANLEY Engineered Fastening Automotive European Headquarters in Germany.

In support of our global customer base, STANLEY Engineered Fastening has sales and service office locations across the globe in France, Germany, Spain, China, India, Japan, Brazil and more.

Today, our highly skilled sales and service team works directly with major customers and supports a network of select distributor partners in all global areas. These veteran sales and service engineers are fully qualified to analyze end-user applications and propose the ideal selection of assembly tooling.

Our customers benefit from this experience in the following ways:

» Tool and application assistance by factory-trained, experienced sales and service engineers

» Field service by technicians located strategically throughout the world

» Design consultation for your specific application needs to identify or develop the design of the tool
and the output to optimize performance and the life of the tool to your application

» Engineered Systems has extensive expertise in the design and build of custom turnkey fastening solutions including automation, semi-automation, multiple spindle nutrunners and Bolt Holding tools, as well as Torque Tube and Articulating Arm systems.