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Norgren believes product design affects function, performance, production, and ultimately a company’s bottom line. Norgren designs and manufactures vacuum pumps and systems using the most efficient, yet simple proven technology – single stage venturi. Featuring a straight-through design, Norgren vacuum pumps have no moving parts to wear out or clog. They operate maintenance free saving costly downtime. Compact, lightweight, and reliable, Norgren vacuum pumps offer consistent performance to keep production running.

Modular Venturi Vacuum Generators

Modular Venturi Vacuum Generators are designed for the “A-La-Carte” choices required when solving application issues. Venturi Vacuum Cartridges are chosen by performance and integrated into a body style based on required accessories.

In keeping pace with industry’s need for improved automation and material handling methods, Norgren introduced the Fastvac Series. The Fastvac Series provides maximum design flexibility by using a modular component approach. Integrating a venturi vacuum generator, sensors, and solenoid valves within one assembly, the Fastvac Series provides complete vacuum systems capable of interfacing with computerized control systems.

For maximum application versatility, the VP Series utilizes modular components to allow designers to specify only those features necessary for their specific application. Flexibility is further increased by the use of our cartridge venturi system which allows any one of eleven venturis to be inserted into any of the four body styles. Without considering optional accessories, this represents 44 possible configurations.

Venturi Vacuum Cartridges

Venturi Vacuum Cartridges are used on Modular Venturi Vacuum Pumps. Stand-alone cartridges are used in field interchanges and are ideal in many OEM applications.

Vaccon’s Venturi Vacuum Cartridges are the heart of the Modular Venturi Vacuum Pump. These cartridges are ideal for OEM’s requiring custom vacuum applications. Norgren’s Venturi Vacuum Cartridges are available as Push-in, or Threaded types.

Norgren’s Threaded Venturi Vacuum Cartridges (OEM Series™) are designed to fit into custom threaded OEM cavities, providing a proprietary vacuum source. They come in 23 different performance levels, standard with removable silencers and available with standard imperial or metric threads.

Multi-port Venturi Vacuum Generators

Norgren’s Multi-port venturi vacuum generators combine a venturi with a manifold to distribute vacuum to multiple locations. The result is a compact vacuum generation and distribution system for End-of-Arm Tools and applications where one generator powers multiple cups.

VP10-MP generators have four vacuum ports that distribute vacuum equally to 4 locations with “Home-Run” plumbing. The streamlined design minimizes vacuum loss, maximizes vacuum flow and speeds cycle times for safe, efficient lifting operations.

In addition to the 4 topside vacuum ports, there is an additional port that can be plumbed to a compressed air source to provide a blow-off. The manifold design allows the one compressed air connection to feed blow-off air to all vacuum locations simultaneously, saving the need to plumb a separate blow-off line to each location.

Venturi Generators with Solenoid Operated Vacuum and Blow-off

Norgren’s VP01QRBV and VP35 Solenoid-controlled Modular Venturi Vacuum generators feature dual solenoid valves to control air for both vacuum control and blow-off for rapid part release. The integral vacuum and blow‑off circuit design provides instantaneous response for high speed assembly and pick & place applications.

The VP01QRBV Series vacuum is a compact, low profile, lightweight unit ideal for small part pick and place applications. These compact generators require little installation space and can be positioned close to the vacuum point for fast response.

The VP35 is a Mid Series Modular Venturi Vacuum generator with dual solenoid valves for vacuum control and rapid part release. Like other Norgren Mid Series generators, performance can be updated by swapping out the interchangeable venturi vacuum cartridge.

Vacuum Cups

Norgren offers a wide range of vacuum cup styles, materials, sizes and capabilities. Fittings in multiple styles are available individually or as a cup assembly for each cup group. The dual durometer and non-marking cups have their own fitting groups. Please consult the downloadable product data sheets below for the correct fitting for the cup(s) you are looking to purchase. As is true in most vacuum applications, there is more than one correct answer. In order to successfully find the best cups and generators for a specific task, it is helpful to review our Vacuum Cup reference materials.


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